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Submittals and Forms

Certificate of Current Cost or Pricing Data
Form used by Contractor to certify cost or pricing data is accurate, complete and current.

Contractor Document Submittal Form (Instructions)
Form is used by contractors for submitting contract related documents.

Contract Change Identification Form (Instructions)
Form and instructions for requesting contract modifications.

Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) Notices and Certification
Form used to determine Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) applicability to any resultant contract.
Does not apply to Small Businesses.

Certified Payroll Submittal Instructions
Instructions and information to submit required certified payroll through LCP tracker.

Certified Payroll Submittal Form (WH-347) and Instructions
Backup form for submitting required certified payroll information.

Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization
Authorization form for electronic funds transfer payments.

Executive Compensation Certification
Certification form is required for actions equal to or greater than $30,000.

Final Release
Form to certify the completion of a contract.

Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence (FOCI) Certification
Complete and return with proposal when SP-10 is included in the Contract.

Labor Hour Submittal Form
Form for contractor submittal of the total labor hours worked on the Hanford site.

Monthly Cost-to-Date Accrual Form Word | Excel
Form for submitting monthly cost-to-date estimates of total billable cost.

Request for Clarification (Instructions)
Form used in requesting additional information or clarification to Requests for Proposal.

Security Access Request Form (Instructions)
Form used in requesting a Security Badge.

Standard Form 1413
Submit within 14 days after award of construction contract in accordance with FAR 52.222-11.

Subcontracting List
Used to identify proposed lower-tier subcontracts, if any, and certify that applicable requirements, provisions and regulations are or will be flowed down in the lower-tier subcontracts.


Contract-Related Documents and Links

Service Contracts Labor Standards Wage Determination

Davis-Bacon Act Wage Determination

Hanford Site Stabilization Agreement

CPCC-POL-LEG-52842, Code of Ethics and Business Conduct Policy


Employee Job Task Analysis (EJTA) Documents and Forms

The following are required for each contract employee working on-site to determine medical evaluation needs.


Medical Scheduling Process and Forms

Beryllium Medical Monitoring Program

Sub-Contractor Hanford Identification Number Assignment Form






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