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Central Plateau Cleanup Company
About Us
Company Overview

Hanford Site cleanup began in the late 1980s, after the mission to provide nuclear materials was completed and the last reactor was shut down. Cleanup activities underway include retrieval of liquid radioactive and chemical waste in underground storage tanks and building a treatment plant for these wastes; shipment of plutonium to off-site facilities; D4 of excess facilities, remediation of contaminated waste sites; and treatment of contaminated groundwater. In total, cleanup of the site encompasses approximately 1,000 waste sites, pipelines, and burial grounds, along with 900 excess facilities. In the last 20 years, significant progress has been made in reducing risks to human health and the environment.

Core Principles

To accomplish our mission, CPCCo will adhere to Core Principles, drawn from our corporate values and experience, to ensure excellent performance. These Core Principles are:

  • Compliant, safe work is paramount. This means we put safety first at all times.
  • People are key to mission success. We demonstrate the value of our workforce by investing in retention and development, to ensure a capable, versatile and agile talent pool that stands ready to contribute to the Hanford mission.
  • Carbon footprint reduction is lifecycle cost reduction. This means we minimize contributions to carbon emissions in our work, and we are permanently eliminating contributions by completing major workscope that reduces the site footprint.
  • Cost-effective cleanup benefits the customer and the company. This means we value a collaborative, win-win approach to cleanup that fully embraces the End State contracting model, which emphasizes and incentivizes cost and schedule optimization.

CPCCo Vision 2028 (and beyond)

This strategic framework guides End State-oriented cleanup execution to accomplish our objective: achieving Vision 2028. To drive progressive and measurable progress to complete Hanford cleanup and operations, we have identified eight core goals that will guide us over the next five years:
  1. Clean up the River Corridor
  2. Reduce risk in the Central Plateau
  3. Optimize groundwater treatment
  4. Treat and remove waste from Hanford
  5. Manage preservation of the Manhattan Project National Historical Park
  6. Support site-wide Hanford Site operations
  7. Enhance strategic partnerships and collaboration
  8. Embrace opportunities for carbon footprint reduction







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