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Our Cleanup Vision
Goal 8: Reduce our carbon footprint

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Goal 8: Promote environmental sustainability and cost savings by reducing our carbon footprint

Reduce the impact of doing business on the environment through carbon-reducing, energy-saving initiates. Objectives that support this goal include the following:

  • Complete key cleanup projects in the River Corridor and Central Plateau outer areas, thereby reducing the miles traveled to work sites by CPCCo personnel, rental of heavy equipment, and the number of fleet vehicles used 
  • Track and reduce engine idle time on remaining fleet vehicles
  • Consolidate office space closer to the client, reducing the miles traveled to and from customer meetings, encouraging travel by carbonless means (e.g., walking, bicycling) wherever possible
  • Continue the use of telework options where feasible, to reduce office energy usage, paper consumption, miles traveled by personnel, and the overall cost of operations
  • Collaborate with other Hanford contractors on more energy-efficient, sustainable electronics and computing solutions, and other carbon-saving measures that reduce costs to the government
  • Encourage and incentivize employees to make their own personal commitments and propose carbon reducing or energy efficient initiatives

CPCCo Carbon Footprint Posters

  'Carbon Footprint Poster'
11 x 17
  Flip the Switch
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  Single Sider
8.5 x 11
  Buddy Up
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Carbon footprint reduction community roundtable        

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