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Our Cleanup Vision
Goal 6: Support site-wide operations

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Goal 6: Support site-wide Hanford operations

Support other contractors in service of the greater Hanford cleanup mission, including providing overall waste operations support and monitoring the groundwater at the site. Objectives that support this goal include the following:

  • Start up the Integrated Disposal Facility in support of Direct-Feed Low-Activity Waste operations at the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant
  • Complete design and construction of Supercell 11 at the Environmental Restoration Disposal Facility to expand waste disposal capacity
  • Conduct modeling and support decisioning making for the Hanford Site, including the restoration of contaminated groundwater near the underground tank farms
  • Contribute to Hanford Life Cycle Cleanup Baseline maintenance to facilitate DOE strategic planning

Fact Sheet: Integrated Disposal Facility  |  Environmental Restoration Disposal Facility

Vision 2025

  • IDF in full operation to support DFLAW operations
  • 400K tons of contaminated material disposed of at ERDF
  • Key modeling tools developed

Vision 2028

  • Modeling and Optimization tools matured
  • 1M tons disposed of at ERDF
  • ERDF expansion completed, receiving over 15,000 tons of waste per month

Legacy waste containers stored at the Central Waste Complex        

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