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Goal 5: Maintain historic B Reactor

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Goal 5: Manage preservation of the Manhattan Project National Historical Park

Continue operation and maintain use of historic Hanford facilities for public benefit. Expand access by performing upgrades and opening new areas of park facilities for tours to the public. Objectives that support this goal include the following:

  • Operate and manage the Manhattan Project National Historical Park in cooperation with the National Park Service
  • Complete life-extending facility enhancements, including replacement of the B Reactor roof
  • Modernize the electrical infrastructure to reduce long-term operating costs
  • Enhance safety and access features for the visiting public
  • Expand access to pre-Manhattan Project facilities through historic preservation projects

Fact Sheet: B Reactor Historical Site

Jennifer Granholm
   Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm visiting the Manhattan
   Project National Historical Park

Visitors tour historic B Reactor        

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