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Goal 4: Treat & remove transuranic Waste

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Goal 4: Treat and remove waste from Hanford

Reduce hazards and risks to workers, the public, and the environment. Objectives that support this goal include the following:

  • Disposition T Plant Tank M-101 sodium hydroxide product
  • Operate a campaign to further segregate suspect transuranic waste (TRU) into different waste streams that allow for expedited treatment and disposal
  • Continue to treat, and dispose of legacy wastes, including repackaging more than 5,000 cubic meters of suspected contact-handled transuranic waste
  • Obtain and enhance services to support TRU Waste Program Certification for out-of-state disposition at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in Carlsbad, New Mexico
  • Develop a treatment pathway for treat K Basin sludge currently in storage at T Plant

Fact Sheet: T Plant & Interim Sludge Storage  |  Central Waste Complex

Vision 2025

  • T Plant Tank M101 product dispositioned
  • TRU segregated to different waste streams
  • Repack 5,000 cubic meters of TRU awaiting shipment offsite

Vision 2028

  • TRU certification program approved
  • TRU waste shipment to WIPP resumed, at 10 shipments by 2028 (~90 cubic meters)
  • K Basin sludge treatment path defined

Legacy waste containers stored at the Central Waste Complex        

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