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Our Cleanup Vision
Goal 2: Reduce risk in the Central Plateau

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Goal 2: Reduce risk in the Central Plateau

Reduce hazards and risks to eliminate threats to workers and disruption to the site cleanup mission. Objectives that support this goal include the following:

  • Complete construction of the Capsule Storage Area and remove 1,936 Cesium/Strontium capsules to long-term dry storage, which safely immobilizes more than 40% of the radioactive curies at the Hanford Site while they decay
  • Complete modifications to the Waste Encapsulation and Storage Facility and, following capsule transfer, deactivate the facility for cost-efficient, long-term surveillance
  • Remediate industrial and radioactive facilities and contaminated waste sites within the 200 East and 200 West Areas, including the final at-risk production facilities
  • Complete soil remediation at sites in the Outer Area (600 area) of the Hanford Site, shrinking the cleanup footprint to the condensed Central Plateau
  • Complete disposition of PUREX tank farms and pump houses
  • Complete removal of REDOX plutonium removal hood and install clean ventilation
  • Complete a remediation activity work plan and other regulatory action documents for the Fast Flux Test Facility to allow for final site cleanup and turnover

Fact Sheets: Waste Encapsulation Storage Facility  |  Reduction-Oxidation Plant  |  PUREX Plant

Vision 2025

  • WESF mods completed
  • REDOX cleanup completed
  • PUREX tank farms and pump houses dispositioned

Vision 2028

  • 91 million curies (1,936 capsules) moved to dry storage
  • Demolished ~43,000 square feet of buildings in the 200 Area

Waste Encapsulation and Storage Facility hot cell        

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