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Central Plateau Cleanup Company
Our Cleanup Vision
Goal 1: Clean up the River Corridor

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Goal 1: Clean up the River Corridor

Clean up the 100-K and 300 areas of the River Corridor, which reduces our overall site cleanup footprint. Objectives that support this goal include the following:

  • Complete deactivation of the K West Basin and execute dewatering and grout stabilization
  • Complete demolition of the K West Basin and cleanup of associated soil waste sites surrounding the reactor and basin
  • Demolish ancillary structures in the 100K Area
  • Complete cocooning of K East and K West Reactors (ISS)
  • Address the 300-296 waste site and execute deactivation of the 324 Building 
  • Remediate any remaining waste sites in the River Corridor near the Columbia River according to final Records of Decision
  • Complete all activities that allow for final transfer of River Corridor land to long-term stewardship

Fact Sheets: K East and K West Reactor  |  100K Area  |  324 Building Disposition Project

Vision 2025

  • KE Reactor ISS
  • KW deactivated and prepped for demo
  • 7 KW buildings demolished & 4 prepped for demo
  • 3 KE waste sites backfilled

Vision 2028

  • KW Reactor in ISS (8 of 9)
  • KW Basin demolished
  • 324 deactivated
  • 18 K Area waste sites remediated
  • Carbon footprint reduced by 280 metric tons

100K Area waste site cleanup        

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