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Environmental Policy

Central Plateau Cleanup Company (CPCCo) is committed to maintaining environmental protection and provide improvements that align with ISO 14001 standard requirements through CPCCo’s Environmental Policy.

Through the Environmental Management System (EMS), CPCCo manages monitors and improves environmental performance. CPCCo’s EMS reflects the long-standing commitment to environmental stewardship that has earned a reputation for responsible and savvy attention to environmental issues.

In support of this policy, CPCCo shall:

  • Comply with applicable environmental obligations.
  • Implement environmental sustainability practices, including resource conservation, waste minimization, pollution prevention, chemical management and green purchasing.
  • Assess activities and promptly report and seek to correct environmental incidents and deficiencies.
  • Annually determine the aspects of operations that impact the environment and establish objectives for environmental improvement, and implement planned actions to achieve them.
  • Provide workers and stakeholders with timely, accurate and meaningful information related to the environmental performance.
  • Annually conduct an environmental performance review, identifying programmatic strengths, weaknesses and areas needing improvement; provide results of this review to management.
  • Work with input from workers and external stakeholders to improve the EMS and environmental performance.

CPCCo communicates this environmental policy internally to all CPCCo workers, makes it available externally to interested parties and maintains it as documented information. CPCCo expects all workers to be aware of and adhere to this policy within their areas of responsibility.

For more information contact:

Jeremy M. Wall




Last Updated 11/09/2022 5:50 AM