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Two Minute Training

The “Two Minute Training” (2MT) is a weekly publication on a variety of environmental compliance topics related to hazardous waste, PCB waste, transportation or safety.  As the title implies, it should take no more than a couple of minutes to read a 2MT which always consists of a single page in a Q&A format with applicable supporting attachments.  Each 2MT title is meant to provide enough description to allow the reader to determine whether or not this week’s topic is of interest to them.  Therefore it is not expected that each 2MT will be read but only those 2MTs that apply to the reader’s areas of responsibility or interest.  

The 2MTs are not meant to be interpretations or policy documents but are meant to highlight a narrow slice of a particular regulation.  Supporting documentation in the form of regulations, guidance memos, Federal Registers are almost always included so that the audience can make their own interpretations with help from their regulatory subject matter experts. 


Satellite Accumulation Area Containers and Temporary Central Accumulation

Central Accumulation Area - Location and Total Number

F002, Methylene Chloride and Coffee Decaffeination

PCB Containers and Decontamination Requirements

PCB Containers and Empty Requirements II

PCB Containers and Empty Requirements

PCB Wastes and RCRA Hazardous Waste Characteristics D018 Through D043

Satellite Accumulation of Aerosol Cans and Determining the 55-Gallon Limit

EPA Definition of "Annual" Refresher Training

RCRA Personnel Training and Classroom Training vs. Online Training

Recycling of Non-Listed Commercial Chemical Products

Commercial Chemical Products and Unused Batteries

Listed Waste Codes and Pre-RCRA Wastes


Last Updated 04/15/2021 7:26 AM