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Central Plateau Cleanup Company
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Documents & Requirements

The flow down of prime contract requirements, laws and regulations to subcontractors occurs in several layers. Applicable laws and regulations, legal requirements and general requirements are invoked in the General and Special Provision documents incorporated into the contract. In addition standard contract clauses are added to the contract to cover special procurement circumstances such as standard Quality Assurance (QA) clauses, invoicing, etc. The drawing, specification or Statement of Work (SOW) which is incorporated into the contract specifies the unique requirements and conditions for contractor performance. Also included in the SOW are the additional requirements and operating parameters for contractors who will be performing work on site.

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Submittals, Forms & Docs
Review forms and contract reference documents for use by CPCCo contractors.

Contract Provisions
Standard contract provisions have been established for use in contracts issued in support of the CPCCo Procurement system. Current provisions referenced in contracts are available for contractors and potential contractors. 

CPCCo Safety Reference Documents
Find safety related Hanford Site Standards, directives, procedures, forms, and specifications identified in SOWs.









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